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The ESI Alumni Asssocaition is made up of graduates from Executive Security International's world renown training programs. These specialist have trained in Executive Protection (bodyguarding) , PSD Protective Operations, Corporate Security and Threat Management and ESI's coveted Security Specialist. ESI has been training security professionals for over 30 years and is considered the Harvard of Bodyguard schools. 

Executive Protection
PSD Protective Operations

The Executive Protection program is an integrated academic and practical training curriculum consisting of a 28-Day Residency or the 450 hours in Distance Education and a 15-Day Resident Training in executive protection, dignitary and personal protection and celebrity security. Whether the student takes the Executive Protection Program as a month long Residency or the combined Distance Education and 15-Day Resident Training, he or she will receive the finest and most intense training available in the private sector.

The CPS Certification and Credential in either format are perfectly equivalent.

The program is an intelligence based protection program with a special emphasis on corporate and international protection specialists; the program also covers civil police, and military protocols in the principles of personal protection. The career objective of this training is to prepare the ESI graduate for a professional occupation in corporate, executive, celebrity and dignitary protection. Other career alternatives include chauffeur, courier services, hotel and casino security, industrial and private estate protection.

ESI offers a PSD Protective Operations Course that parallels our world renowned Executive Protection Program designed for corporate and personal protection. The PSD Program can be taken as a full-time 28-Day Residency. Pre-requisites for this program are; Former and current military with experience in a combat zone within the last 5 years, former and current law enforcement with experience in an active SWAT or Drug Task Force Team within the last 5 years, or a Graduate from ESI’s Executive Protection Program with a level 1 shooting score within the last 5 years. Training and experience will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The program meets all the requirements of State Department's Presidential Security Detail (PSD) Protocols, and goes beyond these minimum standards to meet the changing tactics of Jihadis who attack convoys, protection details and their principals daily. Defensive procedures must adapt to the ever-changing tactics of a determined and intelligent enemy. ESI's PSD Protective Operations Course is taught by a staff that is competent and profoundly rooted in the operational side of high threat arenas

Security Specialist 
Corporate Security and Threat Managment 

ESI's premier program is the most comprehensive curriculum that ESI offers. The Security Specialist combines the core programs of Executive Protection and Corporate Security. It affords the student the flexibility to design a course of instruction that is organized specifically to the student preparation for a profession in the field of corporate, family or celebrity security. Any course taken in one of these two programs is applicable to the CSS Credential.


A Security Specialist is a "generalist" in the sense that the student can craft knowledge and job related skills to a broad range of assignments in corporate security. A protection specialist may be expected to perform a number of assignments for a client: provide executive or family security, close protection, threat assessments, conduct investigations, interviews and interrogations. The Security Specialist Program allows for the full spectrum of practical skills and training to prepare the graduate for multiple tasks.

The Corporate Security and Threat Management Program (CSM) trains Corporate Security Professionals and Executive Security Officers to manage risks in a corporate setting. The Program will cover Best Practices in a wide range of issues confronting corporate security personnel: Monitoring, Tracking and Responding to Global Crisis whether human or natural, Managing Threats to Employees, Property and Executives; strengthening the understanding of corporate security personnel of the core analytical concepts of criminal patterns, Link Analysis, Association Matrix, Time Lines and Flow Charts; learning interview skills of Deception Detection and Statement Analysis as well as clues to personality profiles and Handwriting Analysis; developing policies to mitigate Workplace Disruption and Violence and Managing Aggression and Pre-Indicators of Dangerous Behavior; finally, students will be introduced to Kidnap & Ransom practices.

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ESI staff,

For what it's worth...

I live in Reno, NV, and interviewed with SOC this past summer. The position was in Hawthorne, NV at the Army Depot there doing site security. I was offered the job, but ultimately went with another company. However, in the interview, when it was noted that I was a graduate of ESI (2007), that effectively ended all questions they posed as to my qualifications. The interviewers were more pleased and impressed with this than they were about my having graduated from a highly rated police academy and previous law enforcement experience. I literally called my girlfriend as soon as I left the interview and stated that ESI had paid for itself then and there.

Attending RT is still one of the best experiences of my life.

Zack Gregovich

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