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Adam Woodworth

Adam Woodworth is an Honorably discharged veteran with over 10 years time in service with both the Army and the Navy having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His regular performed duties consisted of Field Artillery Crew Member, Ammo Team Chief, and Assistant Armorer. After serving in the Armed Forces, Adam continued to serve his country as an overseas defense contractor working for both Academi and Triple Canopy. His continued education includes graduating with honors from Executive Security International focusing on Executive Protection, Security Driving, PSD, Covert Security, and Corporate Security Management. He also graduated from Children's Rescue Initiative, getting certified in rescuing victims of human trafficking focusing on Tactical Combat Casualty Care and S.E.R.E. Adam's forte is running operations. He doesn’t have a “comfort zone” per se; and is frequently outside of it. His entire professional career has been that of troubleshooting operations and building teams. Whether it be executive protection, security operations, or facilities operations in a hostile combat environment, his “comfort zone” is building and running teams, managing and directing the diverse and different people into a functional, cohesive, and efficient team that perform well and produces results. He has a large body of diversified knowledge in many work environments including executive protection, corporate security management, and PSD. He looks forward to putting his skills to use with those that demands continued results. Stats: Height: 5'6" Weight: 150 lbs. Training: Certified Protection Specialist course - Executive Security International PSD Training course - Executive Security International Defensive and Evasive Driving course - Vehicle Dynamics Institute Covert Protection course - Executive Security International Tactical Combat Casualty Care course - Executive Security International S.E.R.E. course - Children's Rescue Initiative Surveillance / Counter Surveillance - Executive Security International Human Behavior Analysis - Executive Security International


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