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Jesse Prause

15 Years security experience. Bouncer, Middle East Securty Contract, Executive Protection details, Robbery Suppression. Site security and polar bear and wildlife hazing on the North Slope in Alaska for the Oil Industry and Fugitive Recovery Agent and continuing security and consulting work in Alaska for various security companies or events. Security Work Experience ALASKA Present Remote Site Security on the North Slope: Entry Control Point, Polar Bear Hazing as needed, wildlife monitoring, vehicle checks, safety tool boxing meetings, as well as any other security needs on site. Volunteer EMT/Medic for the Repsol Main Camp. Fugitive Recovery Agent: Investigate, locate and recover persons that have failed to appear in court after posting bond/bail. ALASKA 2000-2006 Bouncer/Security at various clubs and locations in Alaska. Will still take short term contract in this field if someone really needs help to fullfill a contract obligation now that i am back in Alaska. ALASKA 1993-Present 20+ year Martial Arts student and continueing to learn and adapt. Instructor for adult, children and special needs students at my original dojo. Instructor of self defense and women's rape prevention seminars group and private one on on instruction. Professional Full Contact Mauy Thai Kickboxing events with 4 Wins and 1 Disqual. Numerous AAU and In School Karate wins. California 2008-2013 Executive Protection - Visiting International Businessmen Close Protection Details (non executive/celebrity) Armed Robbery Suppression - Los Angles, Inglewood, Compton Security Consultant Middle East 2007-2008 Northrop Grumman/Vinnell Arabia/Office of Program Manager Saudi Arabia National Guard Modernization Program. Force Protection, Anti Terrorism, ECP and Vehicle Escorts of Personnel. Education and Training ESI Executive Security International "Special Operations Protection/PSD Operator Course" CSOPS Completed Training program with Honors & Credentials Graduated 04/14/2007 ESI Executive Security International "Advanced Executive Protection Course" CPS Completed Training program with Honors & Credentials Graduated 02/07/2007 2 Day "Executive Protection Seminar” presented by Allen Banks 160 hour EMT Pre-Hospital/Trauma Medical Care Course and 24 hours of OJT. On Going Professional Development Training and Courses Defense Security Service - "DoD Antiterrorism Officer Level 2" 12/22/2014 Dept of Defense JKO - "Antiterrorism Level 1" 12/20/2014 S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - "Antiterrorism Officer" A.T.O. 11/22/2006 S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - "Dynamics of Jihadist Kidnappings" 01/03/2008 S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - "Suicide Terrorism" 12/24/2007 Defense Security Service - "Integrating Counter Intelligence & Threat Awareness Into Your Security Program" 12/11/2014 Defense Security Service - "The Relationship Between Counter Intelligence and Security" 12/11/2014 Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training - "Introduction to Improvised Nuclear Device Effects and Response Strategies" 12/18/2014 Emergency Operations Training Academy - "Explosive Threat Awareness" 04/25/2008 Emergency Operations Training Academy - "Vehicle Bomb Search Methods" 04/25/2008 National Center for Biomedical Research - “Terrorism Prevention & Deterrence Overview All Disciplines” 2/1/2012 National Center for Biomedical Research “Terrorism Prevention & Deterrence for Law Enforcement” 01/31/2012 Emergency Management Institute FEMA – "Active Shooter: What you can do" 01/29/2012 National Terrorism Preparedness Institute at St Petersburg College -"Terrorism Awareness for Law Enforcement" 08/02/2010 National Terrorism Preparedness Institute at St Petersburg College - "8 Hour Force Protection" 07/29/2010 New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research & Testing Center – “Understanding & Planning for School Bomb Incidents” 02/25/2011 Dept of Defense JKO - "Antiterrorism Level 1" 07/25/2010 Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium - "Terrorism & WMD Awareness in the Workplace" 09/19/2010 Department of Homeland Security "Introduction to Improvised Nuclear Device Effects and Response Strategies" 12/18/2014 US Army - "Computer Security Course" 09/24/2007 NAEMT - "Crime Scene & Violent Incidents Procedures for EMT" 11/25/2012 National Center for Security Research & Training - “Shopping Center Security Terrorism Training” 02/06/2012 Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium - “Port & Vessel Security for Public Safety & Maritime Personnel” 02/05/2012 Inter-American Defense College – “Conflict Management and Negotiation” 03/02/2011 Inter-American Defense College – “National Security & Defense Strategy” 02/24/2011 Emergency Management Institute FEMA - "Workplace Violence Awareness Training" 09/19/2010 National Terrorism Preparedness Institute at St Petersburg College - "Law Enforcement Guide to Understanding Islamic Terrorism and Arabic Names" 08/30/2010 IMAC International Management Assistance Corporation - "Tactical Security Officer" 03/28/2010 Defense Security Service - "Insider Threat" 02/28/2010 Defense Security Service - "Introduction to Physical Security" 02/27/2010 Emergency Operations Training Academy - "Explosive Effects and Countermeasures" 10/01/2008 Emergency Operations Training Academy - "Principles of Navigation" 09/21/2008 Cali AB2880 Training - "40 Hour Security Guard Training" 09/01/2008 Cali "Weapons of Mass Destruction Training" 09/01/2008 Handcuff Use Training 09/01/2008 Emergency Management Institute FEMA - "Effective Communication" 08/03/2007 Emergency Management Institute FEMA - "Leadership and Influence" 10/31/2006 Emergency Management Institute FEMA - "Radiological Emergency Management" 10/30/2006

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