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Joe Biundini

Mr. Biundini is the President of FAM International Group. Mr. Biundini has been with the company since 2004 and his extensive knowledge and experience in areas of operational logistics, advanced team, client management, close protection, and corporate relations has helped him build a responsible and reliable reputation over the years. Mr. Biundini has personally provided personal security for Fortune 500 clients, private families, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and members of Saudi Royal Family. A former United States Marine Corps Sergeant and was responsible for training and supervising of the Martial Arts program. Hand selected by the Chief Operations Officer of the Marine Corps, to provide Security and Protection of American Ambassadors and General’s overseas in high security risk environments. Mr. Biundini is a graduate of Executive Security International School and has a Master Degree in International Business. He is currently affiliated with American Society for Industrial Security and a member of Executive Security International Alumni Association, Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, and Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. FAM’s core business is designed to support our local and worldwide operations. We identify risks associated with your company, its personnel and travel program; advise you of these risks; and make recommendations to safeguard your critical corporate assets. We can provide executive protection; corporate security; Investigation & Compliance, aircraft security; secure ground transportation, and specialized physical security services. FAM is uniquely positioned to be a tremendous asset to your organization. FAM is a U.S.--‐owned professional security services firm located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, ready to assist you with unparalleled professionalism. FAM’s skilled staff, draws upon experience gained through extensive service in governmental agencies, military special operations, and corporate security departments, provides our clients with exceptional local and global capabilities. FAM USA Locations: Arizona California Florida New York FAM International Locations: Brazil Panama South Africa United Kingdom Philippians

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