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Peter Graberg

Close Protection Agent & Private Security Officer 4/2015-Present ITUS Security Agency L.L.C (Owner) Colorado Springs, Colorado Detail Leader, Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Department of State (DOS) 5/2014 – 3/2015 AEGIS DEFENSIVE SERVICE LTD Detail Leader on the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Accountable for ensuring that assigned active ERT Teams maintain readiness and reaction capability to provide immediate response to developing and occurring threats against U.S. Government facilities and personnel with a wide range of operational responsibilities, including: serving as Liaison with Embassy Security Force Supervisors, Tactical Operations Center, RSO, MSG, and local authorities as appropriate; accountable for all aspects of managing, organizing, supervising, and scheduling the PRS detail and Emergency Response Team/Quick Reaction Force (ERT/QRF) personnel, ensuring the protective security requirements of the contract and task order are met; ensuring all protective security specialists, including ERT/QRF members are properly trained, equipped, briefed, as well as mentally and physically prepared for every protective service assignment; and developing and implementing plans for: Route Surveys, Alternate Routes, Safe Havens, Contingency Operations, Facility Perimeter Security, Foot Patrol Coordination, and Evacuation Deputy Detail Leader, Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Department of State (DOS) 5/2013 – 4/2014 AEGIS DEFENSIVE SERVICE LTD Deputy Detail Leader on the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Operational Manager in charge of Emergency Response Team (ERT) Afghanistan. Tactical Commander for mobile movements for the Security Force Guard Force program. Plans, directs and coordinates activities relating to the protection, safeguarding and security of personnel and assets. Responsible for mission, and route planning, site surveys / site security threat vulnerability assessments, mission analysis, threat and risk assessment, identification of safe havens, immediate action planning and evacuation. Conducts, supervises and prepares reports relating to internal investigations of any losses or violations of SOP’s. Shift / Team Leader, Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Department of State (DOS) 11/2012 – 4/2014 AEGIS DEFENSIVE SERVICE LTD Shift / Team Leader on the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Demonstrated effective communications skills including strong written and oral presentation skills. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team environment. Ability and willingness to work in hostile and conflict environment. Exercise sound judgment in all areas of responsibility. Ability to maintain effective communications with individuals and agencies from diverse cultures and backgrounds including U.S. Government, host nation government and law enforcement. Maintain effective professional relationships with employees and outside individuals and agencies. Ability to understand and successfully handle various operational issues Protective Security Specialist, Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Department of State (DOS) 6/2011 – 7/2012 GLOBAL INTEGRATED SECURITY Protective Security Specialist on the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) Member of Consulate General primary protective detail during diplomatic missions in Iraq. Conducted motorcade and walking PRS formations in high threat areas of operation. Perform duties as FAV operator, Emergency Response Team member and primary protective operator. Member of advance site reconnaissance team. Conducted route and venue recon prior to principal visit in order to gain threat analysis and emergency action plans. Daily operations include vehicle and equipment preparation, venue advance briefings, and route planning. Security Technician / Officer 7/2004 – 2/2010 KELLOGG, BROWN & ROOT SECURITY SERVICES FOB Shield, FOB Kalsu, FOB Hammer, Camp Stryker/Cropper/RPC, and FOB Mahmudiyah Baghdad, Iraq As the Security represent of Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) working on several Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s) in Iraq, I facilitate the scheduling and assignments of a 20 + personnel Security Teams consisting of 4 to 6, Security Guard Supervisors and 16 to 20 Security Guards what provide 24 hour physical security at entry control points (ECPs) at different main location as of; Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU), Supply Support Activity Yard (SSA) and the Incinerator Facility. I provided Force Protection advice to the US Military and Civilian Contractors on joint use facilities in form of Threat Vulnerability assessments and assistance routinely through briefings and Memorandums for Record (MFRs). I assisted the Local Employee Personnel (LEP) team with the vetting of approximately 20-30 local nationals (LN) and third country nationals (TCNs) on a daily basis through the use of Biometric Automated Tracking Systems (BATS) for employment with Multinational Forces Iraq (MNF-I). BATS consist of iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprinting. As KBR Security represent I attended weekly meetings with the local Mayor Cell, S2 Represent, Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC), Force Protection Officer, and DoD organizations in the aspects of Security and Force Protection policies, to review and evaluate Force Protection based on current threat posture. In the aspect of convoy and escort mission, I provide security recommendations based upon threat data pertaining to the current threat posture, and preliminary data collection in support of formal inquiries Under strict company and government scrutiny and direction, I manage the action of the security guard force and the assisting screening team to ensure compliance with all known company, Army and DoD regulations, standards of conduct, the employment contract, and the laws of the host nation. I conducted formal inquiries regarding fraud & loss or any criminal act or violations, advanced knowledge of interview and investigative techniques and written reports as related to security incidents, also experienced in formal reporting and oral presentations. Protection Specialist 1/2000 – 6/2004 PROTECTION SERVICES CO. Colorado Springs, Colorado Worked for Corporate Industries and Private sectors Stalker Threat Assessments Surveillances and Investigations Personal Protection Convoy Team Leader 2/1998 – 12/1999 SICHERHEITS DIENST ENGEL (SECURITY SERVICES ENGEL) Berlin, Germany Worked for Financial Institutions and Corporate Industries Responsible for convoy routes and advances Personal Security Detail (PSD) for Politicians’ and Corporate industrials personal Armed protection and transports for financial institutions Vulnerability Assessments Threat Managements Plans Security Specialist 5/1997 – 1/1998 MEHRFACHES EINKAUFSZENTRUM (DISTRIBUTION FACILITIES) Aschaffenburg, Germany Team leader position and responsible in the following areas: Criminal and misconduct Investigation Monitoring Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Security personal training within the guidelines of the company Security Coordination of in House events Workplace violence and Security Training Aviation Security Officer 2/1996 – 4/1997 SCHUTZ GRUPPE GMBH. (SECURITY GROUP INC.) Airport, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany Facilitate and coordinate shifts schedules across multiple teams while ensuring that the department spending is within their budget. Conduct classes and trained employees on the proper applications of X-ray control points, face recognitions and body search applications Identification of potential threats Specialist Training: Face recognitions Human behavior X – ray control points, screen reading Border Protection Officer 1/1992-1/1996 BUNDESGRENZSCHUTZ GSG9 (FEDERAL BORDER PROTECTION) Germany Border security, to include passport control and the provision of coast guard services Protection of federal buildings and foreign embassies in the two Federal capitals of Berlin and Bonn. Providing the federal government's mobile response force for internal security events. Protection of transportation security at international airports and on the German railways Supporting international police missions for the UN and EU in Kosovo, Sudan, Liberia, Afghanistan, Gaza, Moldavia and Georgia. In house security for German embassies in several countries Terrorism Threat Assessments Crisis Managements Plans Conduct classes and trained officers in Bomb search and identifications EDUCATION College Strassford University; Cologne, Germany Bachelor of Art IFF Academy; Cologne, Germany Technical Advisor, Security Developments Executive Security International (ESI) Rifle/Aspen, Aspen, Colorado Certified Protection Specialist/Graduate with Honor (600 Hour Course) Certified Special Operations Protection Specialist/Graduate with Honor (600 Hour Course) Certified Security Specialist/Graduate with Honor (1200 Hour Course) Colorado Institute of Bail Enforcement; Denver, Colorado Certified Bail Enforcement Agent, State of Colorado Praetorian Service Group; Denver, Colorado ASP Expandable Baton Certification Course Less Lethal Weapons Course, Taser and Pepper Spray Certification Course Professional Arrest Control & Defensive Tactics Course S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute; Clearwater, Florida Certified Anti -Terrorism Officer Colorado State Patrol Academy; Bolder Colorado Certified OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor Course Program Homeland Security Institute; Washington State, Washington Military Department Operation Safety and Security (OPSEC) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The National Surety Investigators Network Apprehending Bail Fugitives Surveillance Strategies for Success STAM Multimedia Inc. Biometric Technology United States Department of Labor, OSHA Training Institute; Lakewood, Colorado OSHA Course #501 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry MEMBERSHIPS ASIS Security Management National Rifle Association (NRA) S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute Alumni Executive Security International (ESI) Alumni Association CERTIFICATIONS / LICENSES US Passport Up to Date Colorado Drivers License US Passport Certified Colorado Springs Private Security Officer (Current) Concealed Handgun Permit (CCW) Colorado Springs CO (Current) Certified WPS PSS (04/2011) Certified WPS ERT (04/2011) Certified Protection Specialist, CPS (2006) Certified Special Operations Protection Specialist, CSOPS (2007) Certified Anti Terrorism Officer, ATO (2008) Certified Security Specialist, CSS (2009) Certified Biometric Technology (2009) Certified Bail Enforcement Agent, (2010) Certified TASER Instructor, 2009-current Certified OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor, 2009-current Certified Firearms Instructor (Executive Security International (ESI) (2015) Certified NRA Firearm Instructor, Pistol, Rifle, CRSO, RSO and Inside the home protection, 2010-current Certified in the use of ASP Expandable Baton (2010) Certified in Professional Arrest & Defensive Tactics, using “Kraw Maga” Style Techniques (2010) Certified in Self Defense & Control Tactics System using “Aikido/Jiu-Jitsu” Style Techniques (2010) Certified PADI Dive Master 2009-current US Armed Forces Combat Life Saver (CLS) (2006) US Armed Forces Combat Trauma First Responder (CTFR) (2006) OSHA – “Certified Trainer” in “Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry” #501 Course OSHA – Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - Level I Course OSHA – Industrial Emergency Response: Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations - Level II Course WEAPONS TRAININGLast Qualified Department of State Carbine and Handgun (05/ 2014) Various Handguns, (Beretta, Glock, Springfield etc) Various Assault Rifles (AK-47, M-4, M-16 Various Manufactures) Dragunov Sniper Rifle M249 Squad Automatic Weapon / 240 / 203 Various Heckler & Koch Weapons PKM ADDITIONALS SKILLS Computer Skills - Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Works Advanced Computer Skill - CNC /CAD / CAM (Construction) Soft Style Protection Operations, (Private Sector) Hard Style Protection Operations, (Middle East) Hard & Soft Style Vehicle Drills, High Profile Protection Detail DT/Client Maneuvers, Client Evacuations Defensive Shooting, Defensive Tactics, Weapon Disarms Bomb Search & Identifications, House Clearing Surveillance Detection, Counter Surveillance Behavioral Intelligence, Face Recognitions Motorcade Protection, Tactical Medicine Convoy Driving, IED Explosive Response


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