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Shawn Ritchie

-Executive Security International (ESI) Executive Protection Program graduate w/honors, Level I Defensive Shooter -SECRET Security Clearance -Active US Passport -Adult and Child First Aid/ CPR/ AED -Registered Kentucky Civil Service Processor -FEMA IS 00907 Active Shooter Training -Virginia Unarmed Security Officer -Concealed Deadly Weapons Permit (KY) Training: ESI- Executive Protection Program: Estate Security, Workplace violence, Active Shooter, Principles of Protection, Stalkers and Dangerous Individuals, American Red Cross CPR, Bomb Search and Identification, Defensive Shooting, Advances and Escorts, Client Management, Threat Assessment, Technical Operations, Surveillance/ Counter Surveillance Operations, Behavioral Cues, Use of Force. ESI-Protective Intelligence and Corporate Security Program: Corporate Stalking Case Studies, Interview Deception Detection, Statement Analysis, Corporate Security & Threat Management, Handwriting Analysis, Pattern Recognition Analytics, Aviation & Airport Security, Techniques of Analyzing Criminal and Social Networks, Kidnap and Ransom for Corporate Security, Computer Security, Aggression Management, Workplace violence, Corporate Protocol. US Army: Protective Escorts, Brigade Operations Manager, Emergency Action Plan Coordinator, Physical Security and Key Control Manager, Tactical and Long Haul Convoy Operations Manager, Primary Mobilization Instructor, Detainee Operations, Military Police Operations, Risk Mitigation, Base Defense, Patrolling, Access/ Entry Control, SHARP, EO, Unarmed Self Defense Instructor, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Small Unit Tactics, Sergeant of the Guard (FOB Speicher), ITV Logistics Manager CENTCOM US Marine Corp: Marine Combat Training, Corporals Course, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Small Unit Tactics, HAZMAT team, 5S, ISO Compliance, Asst. Supervisor to Flood Reclamation (Camp Pendleton, CA), Embarkation, Emergency Action Plan Coordinator, Port/ Vessel Security, Sergeant of the Guard (Pearl Harbor, HI), Reclamation Team Leader (USS COLE/ Yemen) Executive Protection and Security Experience: Close Protection Specialist, ICON Global Inc. Oct 2016 States Policies Network Annual Convention, Nashville TN Conducted and supervised entry/ access control points for multiple events, conducted surveillance of the operational area, unarmed close protection of VIP’s/ dignitaries/ other special guests as assigned by client. “In the room” for all VIP special events. Conducted protective intelligence and profile operations for identified possible threats and instigators at event. Assistant Protection Detail Leader/ Venue Security, Stonegate Allied Sep 2016 Bristol Motor Speedway/ BUDWEISER, Bristol TN Assisted in managing Budweiser Venue security at Historic Battle of Bristol college football game at Bristol Motor Speedway with 255K in attendance. Budweiser had two outdoor venues requiring venue security support for grounds and VIP areas, as well as stage and VIP close protection. Close Protection Specialist/ Site Security, EM Protection Services Aug 2016 Home Depot Disaster Relief, Baton Rouge LA Conducted static and roving patrols of multiple Home Depot locations during Baton Rouge flood reclamation operations. Mitigate and intervene during internal and external threats. Vet contractors entering damaged facility. Provide close protection of Home Depot VIP’s and executives during visits to locations. Provide security presence for customers in morning hours of operational locations as contactor’s were causing altercations in the parking lot. Close Protection Specialist, Just Security Group Aug 2016 American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Memphis TN Conducted advance of venue, conducted surveillance of operational area during event, managed access control, provided armed close protection of event staff and VIP’s during event Close Protection Specialist, ICON Global Inc. Jul-Aug 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Columbus OH, Philadelphia, PA Conducted and supervised entry/ access control points for multiple events, conducted surveillance of the operational area, unarmed close protection of VIP’s/ dignitaries/ other special guests as assigned by client Close Protection Specialist/ Security Driver, Patriot Group Jul 2016 Muhammad Ali Funeral/ Memorial, Louisville KY Armed Security Driver for principles assigned attending funeral/ memorial in or near vehicle. Maintained vehicle security while principle was attending events with assigned agent. Conducted surveillance of operational area. Hostile Termination Assistant, The Phillips Group Mar 2016 Currently travel to assist Phillips with hostile terminations and workplace violence issues Close Protection Specialist, The Phillips Group 2015 Mountain Valley Pipeline, Roanoke VA Assigned as PSD team member for Phillips Group, protecting survey crews and EQT personnel as they surveyed routes for the Mountain Valley Pipeline. These crews were under constant threat from protesters and violent landowners throughout the project and had to travel with full security details as they worked on the survey phase. Operations and Training Consulting Associate, DA Decisive Action 2015-Present Develop training guidelines and improve existing business structure Develop and build on clientele and relationships Protective Escort Operative Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor Education: DeVry University School of Business Bachelor of Science in Technical Management 2011 w/ Security Management focus *Certifications, Awards and Accolades available upon request **References available upon request


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