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William Laverde

Combat-tested skills with direct, front line experience interacting with Afghan and Iraqi nationals in order to provide active security, gather accurate intelligence, and complete proscribed combat missions. Thrives in an interdisciplinary team environment of front-line troops, civilian law enforcement, senior military officers, foreign nationals, corporate executives, and high-level officials of their respective governments.  Principals of Protection  Estate Security  Handwriting Analytics  Threat & Risk Assessment  Profiles of Terrorism  Covert Protection  Deadly Force & Hand to Hand Combat  Riot Disturbance/ Crowd Control  Vehicle & Personnel Inspection  Protective Detail Operation  Intelligence Gathering  Surveillance Operations  Interview & Interrogation  Tactical Shooting  Protective Driving  T10 Static Line Parachute Training and Deployment  Battalion Level Security Operation Military Experience  CPR/AED  Low Profile Details  Security & Investigations  Corporate Security  Bomb Search & Identification  Convoy Security/ Route Planning  Room Clearance, Force Protection, & CQB  M16, M4, M203, M249, M240B, M9, AK-47, M-14 United States Army -(General Under Honorable Conditions) FOB Falcon - Baghdad, Iraq - al Dora District 2004 – 2005 M249 Saw Gunner and Rifleman • Performed Day/ Night mounted/ un-mounted Combat Patrols throughout the city of Baghdad which included escorting and training of local Iraqi Security forces. • Executed Day/ Night assaults on enemy locations, extraction of enemy prisoners, and gathering intel post assault. • Maintained a high level of alertness (including static security) and training during recovery and planning phase of operations. • Crowd and Riot control Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2002 – 2003 Machine Gun Team Member and Rifleman • Performed QRF for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, extremely detailed assault and extraction planning should enemy forces attempt to assassinate or kidnap principle. • Static and roving perimeter security for vehicle and personal inspection • Maintained a high level of training while on station as well as updated training as needed per the mission. Kandahar, Afghanistan 2002 – 2003 Machine Gun Team Member and Rifleman • Performed Day/ Night Air Assaults on designated target areas throughout Afghanistan. • Performed Day/ Night Combat Operations on known/ unknown enemy locations throughout Afghanistan. • Performed Day/ Night long range combat patrols developing a very high level of proficiency in the deployment of Observation Points and Ambushes. Average time of Patrol Deployment: 1-3 weeks.


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