ESI Alumni are made up of graduates from Executive Security International's world renown training programs. These specialists have trained in Executive Protection (bodyguarding) , PSD Protective Operations, Corporate Security and Threat Management and ESI's coveted Security Specialist. ESI has been training security professionals for over 30 years and is considered the Harvard of Bodyguard schools. 

The Executive Protection program is an integrated academic and practical training curriculum consisting of a 28-Day Residency in executive protection, dignitary and personal protection and celebrity security. Whether the student takes the Executive Protection Program as a month long Residency or the combined Distance Education and 15-Day Resident Training, he or she will receive the finest and most intense training available in the private sector. The CPS Certification and Credential in either format are perfectly equivalent.

The program is an intelligence based protection program with a special emphasis on corporate and international protection specialists; the program also covers civil police, and military protocols in the principles of personal protection. The career objective of this training is to prepare the ESI graduate for a professional occupation in corporate, executive, celebrity and dignitary protection. Other career alternatives include chauffeur, courier services, hotel and casino security, industrial and private estate protection.

If you are seeking assistance sourcing individuals for either full time or ad hoc positions, please fill out the following form completely with as many details regarding the position(s) and our Employment Consultant will contact you shortly to advance with the process.


A few days before the Superbowl, I received an email from JC Yancy, one of your graduates.  He reintroduced himself as we had met during one of my instructional blocks there during a previous class.  He also sent me a brief packet of information on his security & transportation company and asked me to keep him in mind if I needed anything during Superbowl weekend in Arizona.  I elected to rebook my transportation needs though him during the busy event weekend.  


I am happy to say that JC and his company (Blasian) represented ESI extremely well.  He was on time, professional, and "performed as advertised".  I did not tell my Advance man about the switch in companies (or the prior connection) and when he came back to inform me of the results of the driver briefing that we do at the beginning of every assignment, one of the first things he said was, "looks like this guy has some training" (It was JC behind the wheel of the limo in a two car motorcade).   


While I know ESI has quality graduates working all over, I just wanted to share with you a personal experience I had with one of them. 

Elijah Shaw, CEO ICON Global.


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